2024 European Descriptive Veterinary Pathology Course

June 25 – June 29

Don’t miss out on this opportunity, we are bringing the prestigious Descriptive Pathology Course to Europe! Save these dates on your calendar, June 25-29. This in-person meeting presented in Valencia, Spain will have lectures from Dr. Linden Craig (the necropsy queen), Dr. Jey Koehler (the “don’t waste words” queen), and Dr. Patty Pesavento (the EM anchor queen) on recognizing, describing, and interpreting gross, microscopic, and ultrastructural lesions as well as choosing and critically evaluating special diagnostic techniques (IHC/ISH/PCR) and understanding macro-micro correlates.


Location: School of Veterinary Medicine, CEU Universidad Cardenal Herrera, Valencia, Spain (In-person only)